Transmedia Literacy Project Documents


Transmedia Literacy és un projecte que té com a objectiu comprendre els joves construeixen les seves competències culturals i habilitats socials fora dels centres escolars. La finalitat és crear una sèrie d'activitats i propostes que es puguin implementar en l'entorn escolar.

Recent Submissions

  • Scolari, Carlos Alberto, 1963- (2018)
    Since the spread of personal computing in the 1980s, the expansion of the World Wide Web in the 1990s and the emergence of social media and mobile devices in the 2000s, digital technology has been a catalyst for social ...
  • Ardèvol Piera, Elisenda (2017)
    Following the research design outlined in the DoA, the principal outcomes of the methodological strategy are two research toolkits (both of them included in D2.2- Kit for field Researchers): the Fieldwork Toolkit, and the ...
  • Scolari, Carlos Alberto, 1963- (2017)
    In this deliverable, we present the preliminary national analytical reports on transmedia skills and informal learning strategies. In particular, there is one table per country in which a brief description of every item ...
  • Scolari, Carlos Alberto, 1963- (2017)
    The aim of the TRANSLITERACY project is to understand how the young boys and girls are acquiring transmedia skills in informal learning settings.