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dc.description.abstract This essay argues that when there is a moral duty to procreate,nonprocreators owe assistance in the task of providing for children, evenif their presence renders nonprocreators worse off. When new childrenbring benefits to nonprocreators, they have a duty of reciprocity owed tocooperating parents. If there is a moral duty to provide meaningful workopportunities, especially to the worse off, we have special duties to helppoor people enjoy opportunities for the meaningful work of raising children.Given the benefits of stable families for both their adult and child members,justice requires facilitating the enjoyment of stable faily life by poor people.
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dc.publisher Universitat Pompeu Fabra
dc.rights.uri The authors transfers a non exclusive rights of distribution, public communication and reproduction of his or her work for publication in Law, Ethics and Philosophy (LEAP) and inclusion in databases in which the journal is indexed.
dc.source.uri Law, Ethics and Philosophy; 2014: Núm. 2; p. 7-31
dc.source.uri Law, Ethics and Philosophy; 2014: Núm. 2; p. 7-31
dc.subject.other Procreative duties, reciprocity, meaningful work, marriage promotion, social justice.
dc.title What Do We Owe to Poor Families?
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