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Good clinical outcomes can be expected after meniscal allograft transplantation at 15 years of follow-up

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dc.contributor.author Torres Claramunt, Raúl
dc.contributor.author Morales Avalos, Rodolfo
dc.contributor.author Perelli, Simone
dc.contributor.author Padilla-Medina, José Ramón
dc.contributor.author Monllau García, Juan Carlos
dc.date.accessioned 2023-02-06T07:33:12Z
dc.date.issued 2023
dc.identifier.citation Torres-Claramunt R, Morales-Avalos R, Perelli S, Padilla-Medina JR, Monllau JC. Good clinical outcomes can be expected after meniscal allograft transplantation at 15 years of follow-up. Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2023 Jan;31(1):272-78. DOI: 10.1007/s00167-022-07106-z
dc.identifier.issn 0942-2056
dc.identifier.uri http://hdl.handle.net/10230/55622
dc.description.abstract Purpose: The aim of this study was to evaluate graft survivorship and report the functional and radiographic results of Meniscal allograft transplantation (MAT) throughout a minimum 15-year follow-up period. Methods: Fifty-one patients that had undergone an isolated MAT procedure during the period studied were included. The results were assessed with the Lysholm and Tegner scores as well as the Visual Analog Scale. Magnetic resonance imaging and a complete radiographic series were carried out to determine the degree of meniscal extrusion and joint space narrowing. A comparison was made between the radiological findings of the last follow-up, the 5-year mid-term follow-up and those from the preoperative period. Results: Thirty-eight patients were available for the final follow-up. The mean follow-up was 17.4 years. There were 23 (60.5%) medial menisci and 15 lateral menisci (39.4%). Meniscal extrusion increased from the 29.7% ± 14.9 obtained at the 5-year follow-up to the 72.5% ± 22.5 seen at the end of the follow-up (p = 0.0001). The joint space distance was almost unchanged from the initial evaluation (3.3 ± 1.5 mm) to the 5-year follow-up measurement (3.1 ± 1.7 mm, n.s.). However, it did decrease at the last follow-up (1.9 ± 1.5 mm, p < 0.05). The functional outcomes improved from the preoperative period to the mid-term follow-up and later worsened at the final follow-up. The mean preoperative Lysholm score at the initial follow-up was 61.5 ± 9.6, 86.9 ± 10.9 for the 5-year evaluation and stood at 77.4 ± 11.5 (p = 0.0001) at the final follow-up. Regarding the Tegner score, those pre-operative scores were compared to the ones at the last follow-up (median: 3; range 0-6 vs. 5.5; 3-6, respectively; p = 0.0001). The VAS went down from 6.6 ± 1.7 at the initial evaluation to 2.5 ± 1.9 at the final follow-up (p = 0.0001). The joint-space width remained unchanged from the initial evaluation (3.35 ± 1.5 mm) up to the 5-year follow-up measurement (3.1 ± 1.7 mm, n.s.). However, this joint-space distance had decreased by the last evaluation in the long-term follow-up (1.9 ± 1.4 mm, p < 0.05). Five patients (13.1%) presented with a MAT failure at 5 years, which was followed by extirpation of the meniscal graft. At the final follow-up, a total of 16 patients (42.1%) presented with a failure. At that time, there were 4 more MAT removals and seven patients that required a total knee replacement. The mean time to failure of the meniscal graft was 206.2 months ± 13.4 (18.0 years). Conclusions: Meniscal allograft transplantation produces good functional results at a minimum 15-year follow-up. However, degenerative arthritis in the affected compartment progressed during that period.
dc.format.mimetype application/pdf
dc.language.iso eng
dc.publisher Springer
dc.relation.ispartof Knee Surg Sports Traumatol Arthrosc. 2023 Jan;31(1):272-78
dc.rights © Springer The final publication is available at Springer via http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00167-022-07106-z.
dc.title Good clinical outcomes can be expected after meniscal allograft transplantation at 15 years of follow-up
dc.type info:eu-repo/semantics/article
dc.identifier.doi http://dx.doi.org/10.1007/s00167-022-07106-z
dc.subject.keyword Lateral meniscus
dc.subject.keyword Long term follow-up
dc.subject.keyword Medial meniscus
dc.subject.keyword Meniscal extrusion
dc.subject.keyword Meniscal transplantation
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dc.type.version info:eu-repo/semantics/acceptedVersion
dc.embargo.liftdate 2023-08-16
dc.date.embargoEnd info:eu-repo/date/embargoEnd/2023-08-16

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