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  • Scott, Kate M.; Lim, Carmen; Al-Hamzawi, Ali; Alonso Caballero, Jordi; Bruffaerts, Ronny; Caldas de Almeida, José Miguel; Florescu, Silvia; Girolamo, Giovanni de; Hu, Chiyi; Jonge, Peter de; Kawakami, Norito; Medina Mora, Maria Elena; Moskalewicz, Jacek; Navarro Mateu, Fernando; O’Neill, Siobhan; Piazza, Marina; Posada Villa, José; Torres, Yolanda; Kessler, Ronald C. (American Medical Association, 2016)
    IMPORTANCE: It is clear that mental disorders in treatment settings are associated with a higher incidence of chronic physical conditions, but whether this is true of mental disorders in the community, and how generalized ...
  • Roest, A.M.; de Jonge, Peter; Lim, Carmen; Stein, Dan J.; Al-Hamzawi, Ali; Alonso Caballero, Jordi; Benjet, Corina; Bruffaerts, Ronny; Bunting, Brentan; Caldas de Almeida, José Miguel; Ciutan, Marius; De Girolamo, Giovanni; Hu, Chiyi; Levinson, Daphna; Nakamura, Yukio; Navarro Mateu, Fernando; Piazza, Marina; Posada Villa, José; Torres, Yolanda; Wojtyniak, Bogdan J.; Kessler, Ronald C.; Scott, Kate M. (Elsevier, 2017)
    OBJECTIVE: Few studies have been able to contrast associations of anxiety and depression with heart disease. These disorders can be grouped in fear and distress disorders. Aim of this study was to study the association ...
  • Scott, Kate M.; Koenen, Karestan C.; King, Andrew; Petukhova, Maria; Alonso Caballero, Jordi; Bromet, Evelyn J.; Bruffaerts, Ronny; Bunting, Brentan; de Jonge, Peter; Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Karam, Elie G.; Lee, Sing; Medina Mora, Maria Elena; Navarro Mateu, Fernando; Sampson, Nancy A.; Shahly, Victoria; Stein, Dan J.; Torres, Yolanda; Zaslavsky, Alan M.; Kessler, Ronald C. (Cambridge University Press, 2018)
    Background: Sexual assault is a global concern with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), one of the common sequelae. Early intervention can help prevent PTSD, making identification of those at high risk for the disorder ...
  • Fayyad, John; Sampson, Nancy A.; Hwang, Irving; Adamowski, Tomasz; Aguilar Gaxiola, Sergio; Al-Hamzawi, Ali; Andrade, Laura Helena; Borges, Guilherme; Girolamo, Giovanni de; Florescu, Silvia; Gureje, Oye; Haro Abad, Josep Maria; Hu, Chiyi; Karam, Elie G.; Lee, Sing; Navarro Mateu, Fernando; O'Neill, Siobhan; Pennell, Maria Piazza; Posada Villa, José; ten Have, Margreet; Torres, Yolanda; Xavier, Miguel; Zaslavsky, Alan M.; Kessler, Ronald C.; Alonso Caballero, Jordi (Springer, 2017)
    We previously reported on the cross-national epidemiology of ADHD from the first 10 countries in the WHO World Mental Health (WMH) Surveys. The current report expands those previous findings to the 20 nationally or regionally ...

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