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  • Broner, Fernando; Didier, Titiana; Schmukler, Sergio L.; Von Peter, Goetz (2022-07)
    Using country-to-country data, this paper documents a set of novel stylized facts about the rise of the South in global finance. The paper assembles comprehensive bilateral data on cross-border bank loans and deposits, ...
  • Broner, Fernando; Didier, Tatiana; Erce, Aitor; Schmukler, Sergio L. (2010-06-01)
  • Broner, Fernando; Lorenzoni, Guido; Schmukler, Sergio L. (2003-08-01)
    We argue that one reason why emerging economies borrow short term is that it is cheaper than borrowing long term. This is especially the case during crises, as in these episodes the relative cost of long-term borrowing ...