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  • Pazos, Irene; Puig-Tintó, Marta; Betancur, Laura; Cordero, Jorge; Jiménez-Menéndez, Nereida; Abella, Marc; Hernández, Altair C.; Duran, Ana G.; Adachi-Fernández, Emi; Belmonte Mateos, Carla, 1992-; Sabido-Bozo, Susana; Tosi, Sebastien; Nezu, Akiko; Oliva Miguel, Baldomero; Colombelli, Julien; Graham, Todd R.; Yoshimori, Tamotsu; Muñiz, Manuel; Hamasaki, Maho; Gallego, Oriol (EMBO Press, 2023)
    Multisubunit Tethering Complexes (MTCs) are a set of conserved protein complexes that tether vesicles at the acceptor membrane. Interactions with other components of the trafficking machinery regulate MTCs through mechanisms ...
  • Puig-Tintó, Marta; Pazos, Irene; Betancur, Laura; Hernández, Altair C.; Gallego, Oriol (Taylor & Francis, 2023)
    Autophagy-related 9 (Atg9); cytoplasm-to-vacuole targeting (Cvt); Golgi-associated retrograde protein (GARP); multisubunit tethering complexes (MTCs); phagophore assembly site (PAS); phosphatidylserine (PS); Protein ...

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