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  • Frade, João; Nakagawa, Shoma; Cortes, Paola; Di Vicino, Umberto; Romo Saladrigas, Neus, 1982-; Lluis Viñas, Frederic; Cosma, Maria Pia, 1970- (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2019)
    Cells with high ploidy content are common in mammalian extraembryonic and adult tissues. Cell-to-cell fusion generates polyploid cells during mammalian development and tissue regeneration. However, whether increased ploidy ...
  • Bonilla-Pons, Sergi A.; Nakagawa, Shoma; Garreta Bahima, Elena; Fernández-Blanco, Álvaro; Pesaresi, Martina, 1991-; D'Antin, Justin Christopher; Sebastian-Perez, Ruben; Greco, Daniela; Domínguez-Sala, Eduardo; Gómez-Riera, Raúl; Barraquer Compte, Rafael Ignacio; Dierssen, Mara; Montserrat Pulido, Núria; Cosma, Maria Pia (Elsevier, 2022)
    Background: Visual impairments are a critical medical hurdle to be addressed in modern society. Müller glia (MG) have regenerative potential in the retina in lower vertebrates, but not in mammals. However, in mice, in vivo ...
  • Sebastián Pérez, Rubén; Nakagawa, Shoma; Tu, Xiaochuan; Aranda Aragón, Sergio; Pesaresi, Martina; Gómez García, Pablo; Alcoverro-Bertran, Marc; Gómez Vázquez, José Luis; Carnevali, Davide; Borràs, Eva; Sabidó Aguadé, Eduard, 1981-; Martin, Laura; Nissim Rafinia, Malka; Meshorer, Eran; Neguembor, Maria Victoria; Di Croce, Luciano; Cosma, Maria Pia (eLife, 2023)
    Chromocenters are established after the 2-cell (2C) stage during mouse embryonic development, but the factors that mediate chromocenter formation remain largely unknown. To identify regulators of 2C heterochromatin ...

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