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  • Sunyer Deu, Jordi; Pedersen, Marie; Stedingk, Hans von; Botsivali, Maria; Agramunt, Silvia; Alexander, Jan; Brunborg, Gunnar; Chatzi, Leda; Fleming, Sarah; Fthenou, Eleni; Granum, Berit; Gutzkow, Kristine B.; Hardie, Laura J.; Knudsen, Lisbeth E.; Kyrtopoulos, Sosterios A.; Mendez, Michelle A.; Merlo, Domenico Franco; Nielsen, Jeanette K.; Rydberg, Per; Segerbäck, Dan; Wright, John; Törnqvist, Margareta; Kleinjans, Jos C.; Kogevinas, Manolis; NewGeneris Consortium (National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS), 2012)
    Background: Acrylamide is a common dietary exposure that crosses the human placenta. It is classified as a probable human carcinogen, and developmental toxicity has been observed in rodents. Objectives: We examined the ...
  • Joas, Anke; Schöpel, Miriam; David, Madlen; Casas Sanahuja, Maribel; Koppen, Gudrun; Esteban, Marta; Knudsen, Lisbeth E.; Vrijheid, Martine; Schoeters, Greet; Castaño Calvo, Argelia; Schwedler, Gerda; Kolossa-Gehring, Marike; Joas, Reinhard (BioMed Central, 2019)
    Background: To date Health information (HI) in the European Union does not comprise indicators or other information related to impacts of hazardous chemicals in consumer products, food, drinking water or air on the health ...

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