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  • Hauser, Charlotte; Zorzi, Giorgia; Aristodemo, Valentina; Giustolisi, Beatrice; Gras, Doriane; Sala, Rita; Sánchez Amat, Jordina; Cecchetto, Carlo; Donati, Caterina (Ubiquity Press, 2021)
    Relativization is a robust subordinating type across languages, displaying important typological variability concerning the position of the nominal head that the relative clause modifies, and sign languages are no exception. ...
  • Aristodemo, Valentina; Giustolisi, Beatrice; Zorzi, Giorgia; Gras, Doriane; Hauser, Charlotte; Sala, Rita; Sánchez Amat, Jordina; Donati, Caterina; Cecchetto, Carlo (Springer, 2023)
    Attitude role shift is a sign language strategy to report someone else’s utterance or thought. It has been analyzed either as a kind of demonstration or, alternatively, as a complex construction involving subordination ...
  • Zorzi, Giorgia; Giustolisi, Beatrice; Aristodemo, Valentina; Cecchetto, Carlo; Hauser, Charlotte; Quer, Josep; Sánchez Amat, Jordina; Donati, Caterina (Frontiers, 2022)
    Who is a native signer? Since around 95% of deaf infants are born into a hearing family, deaf signers are exposed to a sign language at various moments of their life, and not only from birth. Moreover, the linguistic ...

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