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  • Sumi, Angughali Aheto, 1986-; Hayes, D. Peran, 1983-; D'Angelo, Arturo; Colombelli, Julien; Salbreux, Guillaume; Dierkes, Kai; Solon, Jérôme (Elsevier, 2018)
    During epithelial contraction, cells generate forces to constrict their surface and, concurrently, fine-tune the length of their adherens junctions to ensure force transmission. While many studies have focused on understanding ...
  • Hoijman, Esteban; Rubbini, Davide, 1985-; Colombelli, Julien; Alsina i Español, Berta (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
    Many organ functions rely on epithelial cavities with particular shapes. Morphogenetic anomalies in these cavities lead to kidney, brain or inner ear diseases. Despite their relevance, the mechanisms regulating lumen ...
  • Pazos, Irene; Puig-Tintó, Marta; Betancur, Laura; Cordero, Jorge; Jiménez-Menéndez, Nereida; Abella, Marc; Hernández, Altair C.; Duran, Ana G.; Adachi-Fernández, Emi; Belmonte Mateos, Carla, 1992-; Sabido-Bozo, Susana; Tosi, Sebastien; Nezu, Akiko; Oliva Miguel, Baldomero; Colombelli, Julien; Graham, Todd R.; Yoshimori, Tamotsu; Muñiz, Manuel; Hamasaki, Maho; Gallego, Oriol (EMBO Press, 2023)
    Multisubunit Tethering Complexes (MTCs) are a set of conserved protein complexes that tether vesicles at the acceptor membrane. Interactions with other components of the trafficking machinery regulate MTCs through mechanisms ...

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