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  • Correya, Albin Andrew; Marcos Fernández, Jorge; Joglar-Ongay, Luis; Alonso Jiménez, Pablo; Serra, Xavier; Bogdanov, Dmitry (Ubiquity Press, 2021)
    Open-source software libraries have a significant impact on the development of Audio Signal Processing and Music Information Retrieval (MIR) systems. Despite the abundance of such tools, there is a lack of an extensive and ...
  • Alonso Jiménez, Pablo; Serra, Xavier; Bogdanov, Dmitry (2023-10-03)
    In this work, we address music representation learning using convolution-free transformers. We build on top of existing spectrogram-based audio transformers such as AST and train our models on a supervised task using ...
  • Correya, Albin Andrew; Bogdanov, Dmitry; Alonso Jiménez, Pablo; Serra, Xavier (2023-01-10)
    We present Essentia API, a web API to access a collection of state-of-the-art music audio analysis and description algorithms based on Essentia, an open-source library and machine learning (ML) models for audio and music ...
  • Alonso Jiménez, Pablo; Pepino, Leonardo; Batlle-Roca, Roser; Zinemanas, Pablo; Bogdanov, Dmitry; Serra, Xavier; Rocamora, Martín (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), 2024)
    We present PECMAE an interpretable model for music audio classification based on prototype learning. Our model is based on a previous method, APNet, which jointly learns an autoencoder and a prototypical network. Instead, ...

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