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  • Figueroa, Caroline A.; Cabral, Joana; Mocking, Roeal J.T.; Rapuano, Kristina M.; Van Hartevelt, Tim J.; Deco, Gustavo; Expert, Paul; Schene, Aart H.; Kringelback, Morten L.; Ruhé, Henricus G. (Wiley, 2019)
    Neurobiological models to explain vulnerability of major depressive disorder (MDD) are scarce and previous functional magnetic resonance imaging studies mostly examined “static” functional connectivity (FC). Knowing that ...
  • Deco, Gustavo; Cruzat, Josephine; Cabral, Joana; Tagliazucchi, Enzo; Laufs, Helmut; Logothetis, Nikos K.; Kringelbach, Morten L. (National Academy of Sciences, 2019)
    A fundamental problem in systems neuroscience is how to force a transition from one brain state to another by external driven stimulation in, for example, wakefulness, sleep, coma, or neuropsychiatric diseases. This requires ...
  • Stevner, Angus B. A.; Vidaurre, Diego; Cabral, Joana; Rapuano, Kristina M.; Nielsen, Søren Føns Vind; Tagliazucchi, Enzo; Laufs, Helmut; Vuust, Peter; Deco, Gustavo; Woolrich, Mark W.; van Someren, Eus; Kringelbach, Morten L. (Nature Research, 2019)
    The modern understanding of sleep is based on the classification of sleep into stages defined by their electroencephalography (EEG) signatures, but the underlying brain dynamics remain unclear. Here we aimed to move ...
  • Fernandes, Henrique M.; Cabral, Joana; Van Hartevelt, Tim J.; Lord, Louis-David; Gleesborg, Carsten; Møller, Arne; Deco, Gustavo; Whybro, Peter C.; Petrovic, Predrag; James, Anthony C.; Kringelbach, Morten L. (Nature Research, 2019)
    Bipolar disorder (BD) has been linked to disrupted structural and functional connectivity between prefrontal networks and limbic brain regions. Studies of patients with pediatric bipolar disorder (PBD) can help elucidate ...

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