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  • Guigó Serra, Roderic; Flicek, Paul; Abril Ferrando, Josep Francesc; Reymond, Alexandre; Lagarde, Julien; Denoeud, France; Antonarakis, Stylianos E.; Ashburner, Michael; Bajic, Vladimir B.; Birney, Ewan; Castelo Valdueza, Robert; Eyras Jiménez, Eduardo; Ucla, Catherine; Gingeras, Thomas R.; Harrow, Jennifer; Hubbard, Tim J.; Lewis, Suzanna E.; Reese, Martin G. (BioMed Central, 2006)
    Background: We present the results of EGASP, a community experiment to assess the state-ofthe-/nart in genome annotation within the ENCODE regions, which span 1% of the human genome/nsequence. The experiment had two major ...
  • Harrow, Jennifer; Denoeud, France; Frankish, Adam; Reymond, Alexandre; Chen, Chao-Kung; Chrast, Jacqueline; Lagarde, Julien; Gilbert, James; Storey, Roy; Swarbreck, David; Rossier, Colette; Ucla, Catherine; Hubbard, Tim J.; Antonarakis, Stylianos E.; Guigó Serra, Roderic (BioMed Central, 2006)
    Background: The GENCODE consortium was formed to identify and map all protein-coding genes within the ENCODE regions. This was achieved by a combination of initial manual/nannotation by the HAVANA team, experimental ...
  • Lyle, Robert; Prandini, Paola; Osoegawa, Kazutoyo; Ten Hallers, Boudewijn; Humphray, Sean; Zhu, Baoli; Eyras Jiménez, Eduardo; Castelo Valdueza, Robert; Bird, Christine P.; Gagos, Sarantos; Scott, Carol; Cox, Antony; Deutsch, Samuel; Ucla, Catherine; Cruts, Marc; Dahoun, Sophie; She, Xinwei; Bena, Frederique; Wang, Sheng-Yue; Broeckhoven, Christine van; Eichler, Evan E.; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Rogers, Jane; De Jong, Pieter J.; Reymond, Alexandre; Antonarakis, Stylianos E. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press-CSHL Press, 2007)
    The goals of the human genome project did not include sequencing of the heterochromatic regions. We describe here an initial sequence of 1.1 Mb of the short arm of human chromosome 21 (HSA21p), estimated to be 10% of 21p. ...
  • Denoeud, France; Kapranov, Philipp; Ucla, Catherine; Frankish, Adam; Castelo Valdueza, Robert; Drenkow, Jorg; Lagarde, Julien; Alioto, Tyler; Manzano, Caroline; Chrast, Jacqueline; Dike, Sujit; Wyss, Carine; Henrichsen, Charlotte N.; Holroyd, Nancy; Dickson, Mark C.; Taylor, Ruth; Hance, Zahra; Foissac, Sylvain; Myers, Richard M.; Rogers, Jane; Hubbard, Tim J.; Harrow, Jennifer; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Gingeras, Thomas R.; Antonarakis, Stylianos E.; Reymond, Alexandre (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press-CSHL Press, 2007)
    This report presents systematic empirical annotation of transcript products from 399 annotated protein-coding loci across the 1% of the human genome targeted by the Encyclopedia of DNA elements (ENCODE) pilot project using ...
  • Washietl, Stefan; Pedersen, Jackob S.; Korbel, Jan O.; Stocsits, Claudia; Gruber, Andreas R.; Hackermüller, Jörg; Hertel, Jana; Lindemeyer, Manja; Reiche, Kristin; Tanzer, Andrea; Ucla, Catherine; Wyss, Carine; Antonarakis, Stylianos E.; Denoeud, France; Lagarde, Julien; Drenkow, Jorg; Kapranov, Philipp; Gingeras, Thomas R.; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Snyder, Michael; Gerstein, Mark B.; Reymond, Alexandre; Hofacker, Ivo L.; Stadler, Peter F. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press-CSHL Press, 2007)
    Functional RNA structures play an important role both in the context of noncoding RNA transcripts as well as regulatory elements in mRNAs. Here we present a computational study to detect functional RNA structures within ...

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