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  • Demeyer, Heleen; Costilla-Frias, Marcos; Louvaris, Zafeiris; Gimeno Santos, Elena, 1980-; Tabberer, Maggie; Rabinovich, Roberto A.; de Jong, Corina; Polkey, Michael I.; Hopkinson, Nicholas S.; Karlsson, Niklas; Serra, Ignasi; Vogiatzis, Ioannis; Troosters, Thierry; García Aymerich, Judith; PROactive consortium (European Respiratory Society, 2018)
  • Dueñas-Espín, Iván, 1979-; Demeyer, Heleen; Gimeno Santos, Elena, 1980-; Polkey, Michael I.; Hopkinson, Nicholas S.; Rabinovich, Roberto A.; Dobbels, Fabienne; Karlsson, Niklas; Troosters, Thierry; García Aymerich, Judith (Dove Medical Press, 2016)
    BACKGROUND: The role of anxiety and depression in the physical activity (PA) of patients with COPD is controversial. We prospectively assessed the effect of symptoms of anxiety and depression on PA in COPD patients. METHODS: ...
  • Gimeno Santos, Elena, 1980-; Frei, Anja; Steurer Stey, Claudia; Batlle Garcia, Jordi de, 1981-; Rabinovich, Roberto A.; Raste, Yogini; Hopkinson, Nicholas S.; Polkey, Michael I.; van Remoortel, Hans; Troosters, Thierry; Kulich, Karoly; Karlsson, Niklas; Puhan, Milo A.; García Aymerich, Judith; PROactive consortium (BMJ Publishing Group, 2014)
    BACKGROUND: The relationship between physical activity, disease severity, health status and prognosis in patients with COPD has not been systematically assessed. Our aim was to identify and summarise studies assessing ...
  • Rodríguez Chiaradia, Diego Agustín; Kortianou, Eleni A.; Alison, Jennifer A.; Casas, Alejandro; Giavedoni, Santiago; Barberan-Garcia, Anael; Arbillaga Etxarri, Ane, 1986-; Vilaró, Jordi; Gimeno Santos, Elena, 1980-; Vogiatzis, Ioannis; Rabinovich, Roberto A.; Roca Torrent, Josep (Springer, 2017)
    INTRODUCTION: Abnormalities of autonomic function have been reported in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). Our objectives were to identify determinants of abnormal heart rate recovery at 1 min ...
  • Boutou, Afroditi K.; Raste, Yogini; Demeyer, Heleen; Troosters, Thierry; Polkey, Michael I.; Vogiatzis, Ioannis; Louvaris, Zafeiris; Rabinovich, Roberto A.; van der Molen, Thys; García Aymerich, Judith (Dove Medical Press, 2019)
    Purpose: Longitudinal data on the effect of time and environmental conditions on physical activity (PA) among COPD patients are currently scarce, but this is an important factor in the design of trials to test interventions ...
  • Loeckx, Matthias; Rabinovich, Roberto A.; Demeyer, Heleen; Louvaris, Zafeiris; Tanner, Rebecca; Rubio, Noah; Frei, Anja; de Jong, Corina; Gimeno Santos, Elena, 1980-; Rodrigues, Fernanda M.; Buttery, Sara C.; Hopkinson, Nicholas S.; Büsching, Gilbert; Strassmann, Alexandra; Serra, Ignasi; Vogiatzis, Ioannis; García Aymerich, Judith; Polkey, Michael I.; Troosters, Thierry (JMIR Publications Inc., 2018)
    Background: Telecoaching approaches can enhance physical activity (PA) in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). However, their effectiveness is likely to be influenced by intervention-specific ...
  • García Aymerich, Judith; Puhan, Milo A.; Corriol-Rohou, Solange; de Jong, Corina; Demeyer, Heleen; Dobbels, Fabienne; Erzen, Damijan; Frei, Anja; Gimeno Santos, Elena, 1980-; Hopkinson, Nicholas S.; Ivanoff, Nathalie; Karlsson, Niklas; Louvaris, Zafeiris; Polkey, Michael I.; Rabinovich, Roberto A.; Scuri, Mario; Tabberer, Maggie; Vogiatzis, Ioannis; Troosters, Thierry; PROactive consortium (BMJ Publishing Group, 2021)
    Background: The Daily-PROactive and Clinical visit-PROactive Physical Activity (D-PPAC and C-PPAC) instruments in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) combines questionnaire with activity monitor data to measure ...

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