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Browsing Articles (Departament de Medicina i Ciències de la Vida) by Author "Iacono, Giovanni"

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  • Iacono, Giovanni; Mereu, Elisabetta; Guillaumet-Adkins, Amy; Corominas, Roser; Cuscó Martí, Ivon, 1973-; Rodríguez Esteban, Gustavo; Gut, Marta; Pérez Jurado, Luis Alberto; Gut, Ivo Glynne; Heyn, Holger (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CSHL Press), 2018)
    Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) has significantly deepened our insights into complex tissues, with the latest techniques capable of processing tens of thousands of cells simultaneously. Analyzing increasing numbers ...
  • Massoni-Badosa, Ramon; Iacono, Giovanni; Moutinho, Catia; Kulis, Marta; Palau, Núria; Marchese, Domenica, 1986-; Rodríguez Ubreva, Javier; Ballestar, Esteban; Rodríguez Esteban, Gustavo; Marsal, Sara; Aymerich, Marta; Colomer Pujol, Dolors; Campo, Elias; Julià Cano, Antoni; Martín-Subero, José I.; Heyn, Holger (BioMed Central, 2020)
    Robust protocols and automation now enable large-scale single-cell RNA and ATAC sequencing experiments and their application on biobank and clinical cohorts. However, technical biases introduced during sample acquisition ...
  • Iacono, Giovanni; Massoni-Badosa, Ramon; Heyn, Holger (BioMed Central, 2019)
    Background: Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) plays a pivotal role in our understanding of cellular heterogeneity. Current analytical workflows are driven by categorizing principles that consider cells as individual ...

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