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  • Hauser, Charlotte; Zorzi, Giorgia; Aristodemo, Valentina; Giustolisi, Beatrice; Gras, Doriane; Sala, Rita; Sánchez Amat, Jordina; Cecchetto, Carlo; Donati, Caterina (Ubiquity Press, 2021)
    Relativization is a robust subordinating type across languages, displaying important typological variability concerning the position of the nominal head that the relative clause modifies, and sign languages are no exception. ...
  • Zorzi, Giorgia (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2018)
    Coordination is a syntactic structure that is attested and productive in both spoken and signed languages. In sign languages, this structure is primarily expressed asyndetically, that is not using manual markers, but rather ...
  • Zorzi, Giorgia (Universitat Pompeu Fabra, 2018)
    Johnson (2014) defines gapping as being such only if the gap appears in the second conjunct of a coordination. Moreover, in English and in other spoken languages, gapping is considered a particular type of elliptical ...
  • Aristodemo, Valentina; Giustolisi, Beatrice; Zorzi, Giorgia; Gras, Doriane; Hauser, Charlotte; Sala, Rita; Sánchez Amat, Jordina; Donati, Caterina; Cecchetto, Carlo (Springer, 2023)
    Attitude role shift is a sign language strategy to report someone else’s utterance or thought. It has been analyzed either as a kind of demonstration or, alternatively, as a complex construction involving subordination ...
  • Zorzi, Giorgia; Giustolisi, Beatrice; Aristodemo, Valentina; Cecchetto, Carlo; Hauser, Charlotte; Quer, Josep; Sánchez Amat, Jordina; Donati, Caterina (Frontiers, 2022)
    Who is a native signer? Since around 95% of deaf infants are born into a hearing family, deaf signers are exposed to a sign language at various moments of their life, and not only from birth. Moreover, the linguistic ...

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