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Browsing Articles (Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions) by Subject "Decision making"

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  • Marcos Sanmartín, Encarni; Cos, Ignasi; Girard, Benoît; Verschure, Paul F. M. J. (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2015)
    Perceptual decision making has been widely studied using tasks in which subjects are asked to discriminate a visual stimulus and instructed to report their decision with a movement. In these studies, performance is measured ...
  • Costa, Albert, 1970-; Vives, Marc-Lluís; Corey, Joanna Darrow, 1986- (SAGE Publications, 2017)
    Recent research has revealed that people’s preferences, choices, and judgments are affected by whether information is presented in a foreign or a native language. Here, we review this evidence, focusing on various ...
  • Corey, Joanna Darrow, 1986-; Hayakawa, Sayuri; Foucart, Alice; Aparici Aznar, Melina; Botella, Juan; Costa, Albert, 1970-; Keysar, Boaz (American Psychological Association (APA), 2017)
    Though moral intuitions and choices seem fundamental to our core being, there is surprising new evidence that people resolve moral dilemmas differently when they consider them in a foreign language (Cipolletti et al., 2016; ...
  • Tauste Campo, Adrià; Martínez-García, Marina; Nácher, Verónica; Luna, Rogelio; Romo, Ranulfo; Deco, Gustavo (National Academy of Sciences, 2015)
    Neural correlations during a cognitive task are central to study brain information processing and computation. However, they have been poorly analyzed due to the difficulty of recording simultaneous single neurons during ...
  • Vives, Marc-Lluís; Aparici Aznar, Melina; Costa, Albert, 1970- (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2018)
  • Masquelier, Timothée; Albantakis, Larissa; Deco, Gustavo (Frontiers Media, 2011)
    In this review, we describe our recent attempts to model the neural correlates of visual perception with biologically inspired networks of spiking neurons, emphasizing the dynamical aspects. Experimental evidence suggests ...
  • Mathews, Zenon; Cetnarski, Ryszard; Verschure, Paul F. M. J. (Frontiers Media, 2015)
    Prediction plays a key role in control of attention but it is not clear which aspects of prediction are most prominent in conscious experience. An evolving view on the brain is that it can be seen as a prediction machine ...
  • Deco, Gustavo; Scarano, Leandro; Soto-Faraco, Salvador, 1970- (Society for Neuroscience, 2007)
    Recent single-cell studies in monkeys (Romo et al., 2004) show that the activity of neurons in the ventral premotor cortex covaries with the animal's decisions in a perceptual comparison task regarding the frequency of ...

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