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Browsing Articles (Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions) by Author "Wanner, Leo"

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  • Ballesteros, Miguel; Bohnet, Bernd; Mille, Simon; Wanner, Leo (Cambridge University Press, 2016)
    ‘Deep-syntactic’ dependency structures that capture the argumentative, attributive and co-/nordinative relations between full words of a sentence have a great potential for a number/nof NLP-applications. The abstraction ...
  • Wanner, Leo; André, Elisabeth; Blat, Josep; Dasiopoulou, Stamatia; Farrús, Mireia; Fraga, Thiago; Kamateri, Eleni; Lingenfelser, Florian; Llorach, Gerard; Martínez, Oriol; Meditskos, Georgios; Mille, Simon; Minker, Wolfgang; Pragst, Louisa; Schiller, Dominik; Stam, Andries; Stellingwerff, Ludo; Sukno, Federico Mateo; Vieru, Bianca; Vrochidis, Stefanos (Elsevier, 2017)
    We present work in progress on an intelligent embodied conversation agent that is supposed to act as a social companion with linguistic and emotional competence in the context of basic and health care. The core of the agent ...
  • Bouayad-Agha, Nadjet; Casamayor, Gerard; Mille, Simon; Wanner, Leo (ACM Association for Computer Machinery, 2012)
    Team sports commentaries call for techniques that are able to select content and generate wordings to reflect the affinity of the targeted reader for one of the teams. The existing works tend to have in common that they ...
  • Rodríguez Fernández, Sara; Espinosa-Anke, Luis; Carlini, Roberto; Wanner, Leo (Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural (SEPLN), 2016)
    Collocations are combinations of two lexically dependent elements, of which one (the base) is freely chosen because of its meaning, and the choice of the other (the collocate) depends on the base. Collocations are difficult ...

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