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Browsing Articles (Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions) by Author "Wójcik, Daniel K."

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  • Mochol, Gabriela; Kiryk, Anna; Mochol, Gabriela; Filipkowski, Robert K.; Wawrzyniak, Marcin; Lioudyno, Victoria; Knapska, Ewelina; Gorkiewicz, Tomasz; Balcerzyk, Marcin; Leski, Szymon; Van Leuven, Fred; Lipp, Hans-Peter; Wójcik, Daniel K.; Kaczmarek, Leszek (Bentham Science Publishers, 2011)
    In the present study, we used a new training paradigm in the intelliCage automatic behavioral assessment system to investigate cognitive functions of the transgenic mice harboring London mutation of the human amyloid ...
  • Wójcik, Daniel K.; Mochol, Gabriela; Jakuczun, Wit; Wypych, Marek; Waleszczyk, Wioletta J. (MIT Press, 2009)
    A necessary ingredient for a quantitative theory of neural coding is appropriate “spike kinematics”: a precise description of spike trains. While summarizing experiments by complete spike time collections is clearly ...
  • Knapska, Ewelina; Lioudyno, Victoria; Kiryk, Anna; Mikosz, Marta; Górkiewicz, Tomasz; Michaluk, Piotr; Gawlak, Maciej; Chaturvedi, Mayank; Mochol, Gabriela; Balcerzyk, Marcin; Wójcik, Daniel K.; Wilczynski, Grzegorz M.; Kaczmarek, Leszek (Society for Neuroscience, 2013)
    Learning how to avoid danger and pursue reward depends on negative emotions motivating aversive learning and positive emotions motivating appetitive learning. The amygdala is a key component of the brain emotional system; ...
  • Mochol, Gabriela; Wójcik, Daniel K.; Wypych, Marek; Wróbel, Andrzej; Waleszczyk, Wioletta J. (Society for Neuroscience, 2010)
    Visually responding neurons in the superficial, retinorecipient layers of the cat superior colliculus receive input from two primarily parallel information processing channels, Y and W, which is reflected in their velocity ...

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