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  • Jabeen, Ishrat; Wetwitayaklung, Penpun; Chiba, Peter; Pastor Maeso, Manuel; Ecker, Gerhard F. (SpringerOpen, 2013)
    The ATP-binding cassette efflux transporter P-glycoprotein (P-gp) is notorious for contributing to multidrug resistance in antitumor therapy. Due to its expression in many blood-organ barriers, it also influences the ...
  • Cases, Montserrat; Briggs, Katharine; Steger-Hartmann, Thomas; Pognan, François; Marc, Philippe; Kleinöder, Thomas; Schwab, Christof H.; Pastor Maeso, Manuel; Wichard, Jörg; Sanz, Ferran (MDPI, 2014)
    The high-quality in vivo preclinical safety data produced by the pharmaceutical industry during drug development, which follows numerous strict guidelines, are mostly not available in the public domain. These safety data ...
  • Briggs, Katharine; Cases, Montserrat; Heard, David J.; Pastor Maeso, Manuel; Pognan, François; Sanz, Ferran; Schwab, Christof H.; Steger-Hartmann, Thomas; Sutter, Andreas; Watson, David K.; Wichard, Jörg (MDPI, 2012)
    There is a widespread awareness that the wealth of preclinical toxicity data that the pharmaceutical industry has generated in recent decades is not exploited as efficiently as it could be. Enhanced data availability for ...

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