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  • Mercader Bigas, Josep Maria; Ribasés, Marta; Gratacós Mayora, Mònica; González Ruiz, Juan Ramón; Bayés, Mònica; Cid Ibeas, Rafael de; Badía, Anna; Fernández Aranda, Fernando; Estivill, Xavier, 1955- (John Wiley & Sons, 2007)
    Murine models and association studies in eating disorder (ED) patients have shown a role for the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in eating behavior. Some studies have shown association of BDNF -270C/T single-nucleotide ...
  • Mercader Bigas, Josep Maria; Fernández Aranda, Fernando; Gratacós Mayora, Mònica; Ribasés, Marta; Badía, Anna; Villarejo, Cynthia; Solano, Raquel; González Ruiz, Juan Ramón; Vallejo, Julio; Estivill, Xavier, 1955- (Karger (S. Karger AG), 2007)
    Background: Evidence of a role of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in the pathophysiology of eating disorders (ED) has been provided by association studies and by murine models. BDNF plasma levels have been found ...
  • Soler, Joaquim; Cebolla, Ausiàs; Elices, Matilde; Campos, Daniel; Llorca, Ginés; Martínez-Rubio, David; Martínez-Brotóns, Cristina; Jorquera, Mercedes; Allirot, Xavier; Carmona, Cristina; Guillen, Verónica; Botella, Cristina; Baños, Rosa M. (Frontiers, 2018)
    Background: Individuals with eating disorders might be characterized by lower levels of direct engagement with the eating experience. This study aims to explore similarities and differences in direct experience while eating ...
  • Ramíırez-Cifuentes, Diana; Mayans Yern, Marc; Freire, Ana (Springer, 2018)
    This paper proposes an approach for the early detection of anorexia nervosa (AN) on social media. We present a machine learning approach that processes the texts written by social media users. This method relies on a set ...

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