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  • Stervbo, Ulrik; Nienen, Mikalai; Weist, Benjamin J. D.; Kuchenbecker, Leon; Hecht, Jochen; Wehler, Patrizia; Westhoff, Timm H.; Reinke, Petra; Babel, Nina (Frontiers Media, 2019)
    Reactivation of the BK polyomavirus is known to lead to severe complications in kidney transplant patients. The current treatment strategy relies on decreasing the immunosuppression to allow the immune system to clear the ...
  • Cowled, Christopher; Stewart, Cameron R; Likic, Vladimir A; Friedländer, Marc R.; Tachedjian, Mary; Jenkins, Kristie A; Tizard, Mark L; Cottee, Pauline; Marsh, Glenn A; Zhou, Peng; Baker, Michelle L; Bean, Andrew G; Wang, Lin-fa (BioMed Central, 2014)
    Background: Bats are a major source of new and emerging viral diseases. Despite the fact that bats carry and shed highly pathogenic viruses including Ebola, Nipah and SARS, they rarely display clinical symptoms of infection. ...
  • Pedragosa Marín, Mireia, 1988-; Riera Domínguez, María Graciela, 1987-; Casella, Valentina; Esteve-Codina, Anna; Steuerman, Yael; Seth, Celina; Bocharov, Gennady A.; Heath, Simon; Gat-Viks, Irit; Argilaguet Marqués, Jordi, 1977-; Meyerhans, Andreas (Frontiers Media, 2019)
    The host immune response against infection requires the coordinated action of many diverse cell subsets that dynamically adapt to a pathogen threat. Due to the complexity of such a response, most immunological studies have ...

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