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  • Kobayashi-Ishihara, Mie; Terahara, Kazutaka; Martínez Vesga, Javier Pablo; Yamagishi, Makoto; Iwabuchi, Ryutaro; Brander, Christian; Ato, Manabu; Watanabe, Toshiki; Meyerhans, Andreas; Tsunetsugu-Yokota, Yasuko (Frontiers, 2018)
    Latently infected T lymphocytes are an important barrier toward eliminating a persistent HIV infection. Here we describe an HIV-based recombinant fluorescent-lentivirus referred to as “rfl-HIV” that enables to analyze sense ...
  • Tsunetsugu-Yokota, Yasuko; Kobayashi-Ishihara, Mie; Wada, Yamato; Terahara, Kazutaka; Takeyama, Haruko; Kawana-Tachikawa, Ai; Tokunaga, Kenzo; Yamagishi, Makoto; Martínez Vesga, Javier Pablo; Meyerhans, Andreas (Frontiers, 2016)
    Homeostatic proliferation (HSP) is a major mechanism by which long-lived naïve and memory CD4+ T cells are maintained in vivo and suggested to contribute to the persistence of the latent HIV-1 reservoir. However, while ...

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