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  • Baley, Isaac; Blanco, Andrés (2019-05-27)
    In economies with lumpy microeconomic adjustment, we establish structural relationships between the dynamics of the cross-sectional distribution of agents and its steady-state counterpart and discipline these relationships ...
  • Baley, Isaac; Veldkamp, Laura; Waugh, Michael (2016-03-01)
    Common wisdom dictates that uncertainty impedes trade we show that uncertainty can fuel more trade in a simple general equilibrium trade model with information frictions. In equilibrium, increases in uncertainty increase ...
  • Baley, Isaac; Blanco, J. Andrés (2016-07-01)
    Nominal shocks have long-lasting effects on real economic activity, beyond those implied by standard models that target the average frequency of price adjustment in micro data. This paper develops a price-setting model ...
  • Baley, Isaac; Figueiredo, Ana; Ulbricht, Robert (2020-01-31)
    This paper studies the dynamics of skill mismatch over the business cycle. We build a tractable directed search model, in which workers differ in skills along multiple dimensions and sort into jobs with heterogeneous skill ...
  • Baley, Isaac; Ljungqvist, Lars; Sargent, Thomas J. (2018-01-31)
    Ljungqvist and Sargent (1998, 2008) show that worse skill transition probabilities for workers who suffer involuntary layoffs (i.e., increases in turbulence) generate higher unemployment in a welfare state. den Haan, Haefke ...

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