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  • Alaoui, Larbi; Penta, Antonio (2018-10-08)
    When an individual thinks about a problem, his decision to reason further may involve a tradeo between cognitive costs and a notion of value. But it is not obvious that this is always the case, and the value of reasoning ...
  • Alaoui, Larbi; Penta, Antonio (2012-07-01)
  • Alaoui, Larbi; Fons-Rosen, Christian (2016-04-01)
    This paper investigates the way dierent sides of grit in uence behavior. In addition to grit's upside in achieving economic success associated with not giving up, it might also have a downside associated with not letting ...
  • Alaoui, Larbi; Sandroni, Alvaro (2013-01-01)
    This paper shows an equivalence result between the utility functions of secular agents who abide by a moral obligation to accumulate wealth and those of religious agents who believe that salvation is immutable and preordained ...
  • Alaoui, Larbi; Janezic, Katharina A.; Penta, Antonio (2017-11-13)
    Recent experiments suggest that level-k behavior is often driven by subjects' beliefs, rather than their binding cognitive bounds. But the extent to which this is true in general is not completely understood, mainly because ...
  • Alaoui, Larbi (2012-04-01)
    There are many situations in which individuals have a choice of whether or not to observe eventual outcomes. In these instances, individuals often prefer to remain ignorant. These contexts are outside the scope of analysis ...
  • Alaoui, Larbi; Germano, Fabrizio (2012-12-01)
    We develop a theory of news coverage in environments of information abundance. Time-constrained consumers browse through news items across competing outlets. They choose which outlets to access and which stories to read ...

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