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  • Lozano Ortega, Marta; Valera, Gema; Xiao, Yan; Faucherre, Adèle; López-Schier, Hernán (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2018)
    Directional mechanoreception by hair cells is transmitted to the brain via afferent neurons to enable postural control and rheotaxis. Neuronal tuning to individual directions of mechanical flow occurs when each peripheral ...
  • Marcon, Luciano, 1983-; Diego, Xavier; Sharpe, James; Müller, Patrick (eLife, 2016)
    The Turing reaction-diffusion model explains how identical cells can self-organize to form spatial patterns. It has been suggested that extracellular signaling molecules with different diffusion coefficients underlie this ...
  • Kozak, Eva L.; Miranda-Rodríguez, Jerónimo R.; Borges, Augusto; Dierkes, Kai; Mineo, Alessandro; Pinto-Teixeira, Filipo; Viader Llargués, Oriol; Solon, Jérôme; Chara, Osvaldo; López-Schier, Hernán (Company of Biologists, 2023)
    Collective cell rotations are widely used during animal organogenesis. Theoretical and in vitro studies have conceptualized rotating cells as identical rigid-point objects that stochastically break symmetry to move ...
  • Fernández, Juan Pablo; Moreno Mateos, Miguel Ángel; Gohr, André; Miao, Liyun; Chan, Shun Hang; Irimia, Manuel; Giraldez, Antonio J. (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2018)
    Pre-mRNA splicing is a critical step of gene expression in eukaryotes. Transcriptome-wide splicing patterns are complex and primarily regulated by a diverse set of recognition elements and associated RNA-binding proteins. ...
  • Valcárcel, David; Riesco, Marta F.; Cuesta-Martín, Leyre; Esteve-Codina, Anna; Martínez-Vázquez, Juan Manuel; Robles, Vanesa (BioMed Central, 2023)
    Background: Chronic stress can produce a severe negative impact on health not only in the exposed individuals but also in their offspring. Indeed, chronic stress may be contributing to the current worldwide scenario of ...
  • Martínez, Rubén; Esteve-Codina, Anna; Barata, Carlos; Tauler, Romà; Piña, Benjamin; Navarro-Martín, Laia (Elsevier, 2020)
    Exposure to the antifouling tributyltin (TBT) has been related to imposex in mollusks and to obesogenicity, adipogenesis and masculinization in fish. To understand the underlying molecular mechanisms, we evaluated dose-response ...

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