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  • Atla, Goutham; Bonàs-Guarch, Silvia; Cuenca-Ardura, Mirabai; Beucher, Anthony; Crouch, Daniel J.M.; García-Hurtado, Javier; Moran, Ignasi; T2DSystems Consortium; Irimia Martínez, Manuel; Prasad, Rashmi B.; Gloyn, Anna L.; Marselli, Lorella; Suleiman, Mara; Berney, Thierry; Koning, Eelco J.P. de; Kerr-Conte, Julie; Pattou, Francois; Todd, John A.; Piemonti, Lorenzo; Ferrer, Jorge (BioMed Central, 2022)
    Background: Non-coding genetic variants that influence gene transcription in pancreatic islets play a major role in the susceptibility to type 2 diabetes (T2D), and likely also contribute to type 1 diabetes (T1D) risk. For ...
  • Engelken, Johannes; Espadas, Guadalupe; Mancuso, Francesco M.; Bonet, Núria; Scherr, Anna-Lena; Jímenez Álvarez, Victoria; Codina i Solà, Marta, 1988-; Medina Stacey, Daniel; Spataro, Nino, 1984-; Stoneking, Mark; Calafell i Majó, Francesc; Sabidó Aguadé, Eduard, 1981-; Bosch Fusté, Elena (Oxford University Press, 2016)
    Essential trace elements possess vital functions at molecular, cellular, and physiological levels in health and disease, and they are tightly regulated in the human body. In order to assess variability and potential adaptive ...
  • Montgomery, Stephen B.; Sammeth, Michael; Gutierrez-Arcelus, Maria; Lach, Radoslaw P.; Ingle, Catherine; Nisbett, James; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Dermitzakis, Emmanuouil T. (Nature Research, 2010)
    Gene expression is an important phenotype that informs about genetic and environmental effects on cellular state. Many studies have previously identified genetic variants for gene expression phenotypes using custom and ...

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