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  • Monti, Michele; Armaos, Alexandros, 1989-; Fantini, Marco; Pastore, Annalisa; Tartaglia, Gian Gaetano (Frontiers, 2021)
    Solubility is a requirement for many cellular processes. Loss of solubility and aggregation can lead to the partial or complete abrogation of protein function. Thus, understanding the relationship between protein evolution ...
  • Batlle, Cristina; Sanchez de Groot, Natalia; Iglesias, Valentin; Navarro, Susanna; Ventura, Salvador (Nature Publishing Group, 2017)
    Prion-like behaviour is attracting much attention due to the growing evidences that amyloid-like self-assembly may reach beyond neurodegeneration and be a conserved functional mechanism. The best characterized functional ...
  • Pallarès, Irantzu; de Groot, Natalia S.; Iglesias, Valentin; Sant'Anna, Ricardo; Biosca, Arnau; Fernàndez Busquets, Xavier; Ventura, Salvador (Frontiers, 2018)
    Prions are a singular subset of proteins able to switch between a soluble conformation and a self-perpetuating amyloid state. Traditionally associated with neurodegenerative diseases, increasing evidence indicates that ...
  • Baum, Jean; Chiti, Fabrizio; de Simone, Alfonso; Knowles, Tuomas P.J.; Kumita, Janet R.; Radford, Sheena E.; Robinson, Carol V.; Salvatella, Xavier; Valelli, Karen; Vendruscolo, Michele; Pastore, Annalisa; Tartaglia, Gian Gaetano (Frontiers, 2019)
  • Iglesias, Valentin; Paladin, Lisanna; Juan Blanco, Teresa, 1989-; Pallarès, Irantzu; Aloy, Patrick, 1972-; Tosatto, Silvio C.E.; Ventura, Salvador (Frontiers, 2019)
    Prion-like behavior has been in the spotlight since it was first associated with the onset of mammalian neurodegenerative diseases. However, a growing body of evidence suggests that this mechanism could be behind the ...
  • Carija, Anita; Navarro, Susanna; Sanchez de Groot, Natalia; Ventura, Salvador (Elsevier, 2017)
    Protein misfolding and aggregation have been associated with the onset of neurodegenerative disorders. Recent studies demonstrate that the aggregation process can result in a high diversity of protein conformational states, ...

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