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  • Miller, Steven W.; Movsesyan, Artem; Zhang, Sui; Fernández, Rosa; Posakony, James W. (eLife, 2019)
    Suppressor of Hairless [Su(H)], the transcription factor at the end of the Notch pathway in Drosophila, utilizes the Hairless protein to recruit two co-repressors, Groucho (Gro) and C-terminal Binding Protein (CtBP), ...
  • Verd Fernández, Berta, 1984-; Monk, Nicholas A.; Jaeger, Johannes, 1973- (eLife, 2019)
    The existence of discrete phenotypic traits suggests that the complex regulatory processes which produce them are functionally modular. These processes are usually represented by networks. Only modular networks can be ...
  • Abdol, Amir Masoud; Cicin Sain, Damjan; Kaandorp, Jaap A.; Crombach, Anton (MDPI, 2017)
    Efficient network inference is one of the challenges of current-day biology. Its application to the study of development has seen noteworthy success, yet a multicellular context, tissue growth, and cellular rearrangements ...
  • Tastekin, Ibrahim, 1986-; Khandelwal, Avinash, 1987-; Tadres, David; Fessner, Nico D.; Truman, James W.; Zlatic, Marta; Cardona, Albert; Louis, Matthieu (eLife, 2018)
    Sensory navigation results from coordinated transitions between distinct behavioral programs. During chemotaxis in the Drosophila melanogaster larva, the detection of positive odor gradients extends runs while negative ...
  • Kim, Daeyeon; Alvarez, Mar; Lechuga, Laura M; Louis, Matthieu (eLife, 2017)
    Animals explore their environment to encounter suitable food resources. Despite its vital importance, this behavior puts individuals at risk by consuming limited internal energy during locomotion. We have developed a novel ...
  • Berck, Matthew E.; Khandelwal, Avinash, 1987-; Claus, Lindsey; Hernandez-Nunez, Luiz; Si, Guangwei; Tabone, Christopher J.; Li, Feng; Truman, James W.; Fetter, Rick D.; Louis, Matthieu; Samuel, Aravinthan D. T.; Cardona, Albert (eLife, 2016)
    The sense of smell enables animals to react to long-distance cues according to learned and innate valences. Here, we have mapped with electron microscopy the complete wiring diagram of the Drosophila larval antennal lobe, ...

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