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  • Cortés-Ciriano, Isidro; Lee, Jake June-Koo; Xi, Ruibin; Jain, Dhawal; Jung, Youngsook L.; Yang, Lixing; Gordenin, Dmitry; Klimczak, Leszek J.; Zhang, Cheng-Zhong; Pellman, David S.; PCAWG Structural Variation Working Group; Park, Peter J.; PCAWG Consortium; Ossowski, Stephan; Pearson, John V. (Nature Research, 2020)
    Chromothripsis is a mutational phenomenon characterized by massive, clustered genomic rearrangements that occurs in cancer and other diseases. Recent studies in selected cancer types have suggested that chromothripsis may ...
  • Sieverling, Lina; Hong, Chen; Koser, Sandra D.; Ginsbach, Philip; Kleinheinz, Kortine; Hutter, Barbara; Braun, Delia M.; Cortés-Ciriano, Isidro; Xi, Ruibin; Kabbe, Rolf; Park, Peter J.; Eils, Roland; Schlesner, Matthias; PCAWG Structural Variation Working Group; Brors, Benedikt; Rippe, Karsten; Jones, David T. W.; Feuerbach, Lars; PCAWG Consortium; Ossowski, Stephan; Estivill, Xavier, 1955- (Nature Research, 2020)
    Cancers require telomere maintenance mechanisms for unlimited replicative potential. They achieve this through TERT activation or alternative telomere lengthening associated with ATRX or DAXX loss. Here, as part of the ...

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