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  • Carrillo-de-Santa Pau, Enrique; Juan, David; Pancaldi, Vera; Were, Felipe; Martin-Subero, José Ignacio; Rico, Daniel; Valencia, Alfonso; BLUEPRINT Consortium (Oxford University Press, 2017)
    Hematopoiesis is one of the best characterized biological systems but the connection between chromatin changes and lineage differentiation is not yet well understood. We have developed a bioinformatic workflow to generate ...
  • Frenkel-Morgenstern, Milana; Lacroix, Vincent; Ezkurdia, Iakes; Levin, Yishai; Gabashvili, Alexandra; Prilusky, Jaime; Pozo, Angela del; Tress, Michael; Johnson, Rory; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Valencia, Alfonso (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CSHL Press), 2012)
    Chimeric RNAs comprise exons from two or more different genes and have the potential to encode novel proteins that alter cellular phenotypes. To date, numerous putative chimeric transcripts have been identified among the ...
  • Cañada, Andrés; Capella Gutiérrez, Salvador Jesús, 1985-; Rabal, Obdulia; Oyarzábal, Julen; Valencia, Alfonso; Krallinger, Martin (Oxford University Press, 2017)
    A considerable effort has been devoted to retrieve systematically information for genes and proteins as well as relationships between them. Despite the importance of chemical compounds and drugs as a central bio-entity in ...
  • Joshi, Ricky S.; Rigau, Maria; García-Prieto, Carlos A.; Castro de Moura, Manuel; Piñeyro, David; Moran, Sebastian; Davalos, Veronica; Carrión, Pablo; Ferrando-Bernal, Manuel, 1990-; Olalde Marquínez, Íñigo, 1987-; Lalueza Fox, Carles, 1965-; Navarro i Cuartiellas, Arcadi, 1969-; Fernández-Tena, Carles; Aspandi, Decky; Sukno, Federico Mateo; Binefa i Valls, Xavier; Valencia, Alfonso; Esteller, Manel (Elsevier, 2022)
    The human face is one of the most visible features of our unique identity as individuals. Interestingly, monozygotic twins share almost identical facial traits and the same DNA sequence but could exhibit differences in ...
  • Pérez-Pérez, Martin; Pérez-Rodríguez, Gael; Blanco-Míguez, Aitor; Fdez-Riverola, Florentino; Valencia, Alfonso; Krallinger, Martin; Lourenço, Anália (Springer, 2019)
    Background: Shared tasks and community challenges represent key instruments to promote research, collaboration and determine the state of the art of biomedical and chemical text mining technologies. Traditionally, such ...
  • Richart, Laia; Lapi, Eleonora; Pancaldi, Vera; Cuenca-Ardura, Mirabai; Carrillo-de-Santa Pau, Enrique; Madrid-Mencía, Miguel; Neyret-Kahn, Hélène; Radvanyi, François; Rodríguez, Juan Antonio; Cuartero, Yasmina; Serra, François; Le Dily, François; Valencia, Alfonso; Martí Renom, Marc A.; Real, Francisco X. (Oxford University Press, 2021)
    Cohesin exists in two variants containing STAG1 or STAG2. STAG2 is one of the most mutated genes in cancer and a major bladder tumor suppressor. Little is known about how its inactivation contributes to tumorigenesis. Here, ...

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