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  • Dalmasso, Giovanni; Musy, Marco; Niksic, Martina; Robert Moreno, Alexandre; Badía Careaga, Claudio; Sanz-Ezquerro, Juan José; Sharpe, James (Elsevier, 2022)
    Normal organogenesis cannot be recapitulated in vitro for mammalian organs, unlike in species including Drosophila and zebrafish. Available 3D data in the form of ex vivo images only provide discrete snapshots of the ...
  • Mayer, Jürgen, 1977-; Robert Moreno, Alexandre; Sharpe, James; Swoger, Jim (Nature Research, 2018)
    Light sheet fluorescence microscopy (LSFM) is rapidly becoming an essential technology for mesoscopic imaging of samples such as embryos and adult mouse organs. However, LSFM can suffer from optical artifacts for which ...
  • Martínez Abadías, Neus; Mateu-Estivill, Roger; Sastre-Tomas, Jaume; Motch Perrine, Susan; Yoon, Melissa; Robert Moreno, Alexandre; Swoger, Jim; Russo, Lucia; Kawasaki, Kazuhiko (eLife, 2018)
    The earliest developmental origins of dysmorphologies are poorly understood in many congenital diseases. They often remain elusive because the first signs of genetic misregulation may initiate as subtle changes in gene ...
  • Storer, Mekayla, 1981-; Mas Malavila, Alba; Robert Moreno, Alexandre; Pecoraro, Matteo, 1984-; Ortells Campos, Mª Carmen, 1984-; Giacomo, Valeria di; Yosef, Reut; Pilpel, Noam; Krizhanovsky, Valery; Sharpe, James; Keyes, William M., 1973- (Elsevier, 2013)
    Senescence is a form of cell-cycle arrest linked to tumor suppression and aging. However, it remains controversial and has not been documented in nonpathologic states. Here we describe senescence as a normal developmental ...

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