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  • Blanco Cabra, Núria; Paetzold, Bernhard, 1981-; Ferrar, Tony; Mazzolini, Rocco; Torrents, Eduard; Serrano Pubull, Luis, 1982-; Lluch-Senar, Maria 1982- (Nature Research, 2020)
    Aggregates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa form a protective barrier against antibiotics and the immune system. These barriers, known as biofilms, are associated with several infectious diseases. One of the main components of ...
  • Garrido, Victoria; Piñero-Lambea, Carlos; Rodriguez-Arce, Irene; Paetzold, Bernhard, 1981-; Ferrar, Tony; Weber, Marc; Garcia Ramallo, Eva; Gallo López, Carolina, 1984-; Collantes, María; Peñuelas, Iván; Serrano Pubull, Luis, 1982-; Grilló, María-Jesús; Lluch-Senar, Maria 1982- (Wiley Open Access, 2021)
    Bacteria present a promising delivery system for treating human diseases. Here, we engineered the genome-reduced human lung pathogen Mycoplasma pneumoniae as a live biotherapeutic to treat biofilm-associated bacterial ...
  • Paetzold, Bernhard, 1981-; Willis, Jesse R.; Pereira de Lima, Joao; Knödlseder, Nastassia; Brüggemann, Holger; Quist, Sven Roy; Gabaldón Estevan, Juan Antonio, 1973-; Güell Cargol, Marc, 1982- (BioMed Central, 2019)
    Background: The skin is colonized by a large number of microorganisms, most of which are beneficial or harmless. However, disease states of skin have specific microbiome compositions that are different from those of healthy ...

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