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  • Aloia, Luigi; Gutiérrez, Arantxa; Martín Caballero, Juan; Di Croce, Luciano (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015)
    Id proteins are dominant-negative regulators within the HLH family of proteins. In embryonic stem cells (ESCs), Id1 and Id3 maintain the pluripotent state by preventing neural differentiation. The Id1-interacting protein ...
  • Mas, Glòria; Santoro, Fabio; Blanco, Enrique; Gamarra Figueroa, Gianni Paolo; Le Dily, François; Frigè, Gianmaria; Vidal, Enrique; Mugianesi, Francesca; Ballaré, Cecilia Julia; Gutiérrez, Arantxa; Sparavier, Aleksandra; Marti-Renom, Marc A.; Minucci, Saverio; Di Croce, Luciano (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CSHL Press), 2022)
    Genome organization plays a pivotal role in transcription, but how transcription factors (TFs) rewire the structure of the genome to initiate and maintain the programs that lead to oncogenic transformation remains poorly ...
  • García Montolío, Marc, 1991-; Ballaré, Cecilia Julia; Blanco, Enrique; Gutiérrez, Arantxa; Aranda Aragón, Sergio; Gómez, Antonio; Kok, Chung H.; Yeung, David T.; Hughes, Timothy P.; Vizán, Pedro; Di Croce, Luciano (Frontiers Media, 2021)
    Polycomb group (PcG) of proteins are a group of highly conserved epigenetic regulators involved in many biological functions, such as embryonic development, cell proliferation, and adult stem cell determination. PHD finger ...
  • Vizán, Pedro; Gutiérrez, Arantxa; Espejo, Isabel; García Montolío, Marc, 1991-; Lange, Martin; Carretero, Ana; Lafzi, Atefeh; Andrés Aguayo, Luisa de; Blanco, Enrique; Thambyrajah, Roshana; Graf, T. (Thomas); Heyn, Holger; Bigas Salvans, Anna; Di Croce, Luciano (American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), 2020)
    Adult hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs) are rare multipotent cells in bone marrow that are responsible for generating all blood cell types. HSCs are a heterogeneous group of cells with high plasticity, in part, conferred by ...

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