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  • Leon, Anthony; Subirana, Lucie; Magre, Kevin; Cases, Ildefonso; Tena, Juan J.; Irimia Martínez, Manuel; Gómez Skarmeta, José Luis; Escriva, Hector; Bertrand, Stéphanie (Oxford University Press, 2022)
    Neurons are a highly specialized cell type only found in metazoans. They can be scattered throughout the body or grouped together, forming ganglia or nerve cords. During embryogenesis, centralized nervous systems develop ...
  • Brasó-Vives, Marina, 1990-; Marlétaz, Ferdinand; Echchiki, Amina; Mantica, Federica; Acemel, Rafael D.; Gómez Skarmeta, José Luis; Hartasánchez Frenk, Diego Andrés, 1982-; Le Targa, Lorlane; Pontarotti, Pierre; Tena, Juan J.; Maeso, Ignacio; Escriva, Hector; Irimia Martínez, Manuel; Robinson-Rechavi, Marc (BioMed Central, 2022)
    Background: Amphioxus are non-vertebrate chordates characterized by a slow morphological and molecular evolution. They share the basic chordate body-plan and genome organization with vertebrates but lack their 2R whole-genome ...

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