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  • Aina, Laura; Bernardi, Raffaella; Fernández, Raquel (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2018)
    In this paper, we investigate the relation between negated adjectives and antonyms in English using Distributional Semantics methods. Results show that, on the basis of contexts of use, a negated adjective (e.g., not cold) ...
  • Boleda, Gemma; Bernardi, Raffaella; Fernandez, Raquel; Paperno, Denis (ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics), 2015)
    In this position paper we argue that an adequate semantic model must account for language in use, taking into account how discourse context affects the meaning of words and larger linguistic units. Distributional semantic ...
  • Boleda, Gemma; Sorodoc, Ionut-Teodor; Lazaridou, Angeliki; Herbelot, Aurélie; Pezzelle, Sandro; Bernardi, Raffaella (ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics), 2016)
    In this paper, we investigate whether a neural network model can learn the meaning of natural language quantifiers (no,some and all) from their use in visual contexts. We show that memory networks perform well in this ...
  • Boleda, Gemma; Paperno, Denis; Kruszewski, German; Lazaridou, Angeliki; Pham, Quan Ngoc; Bernardi, Raffaella; Pezzelle, Sandro; Baroni, Marco; Fernandez, Raquel (ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics), 2016)
    We introduce LAMBADA, a dataset to evaluate the capabilities of computational models for text understanding by means of a word prediction task. LAMBADA is a collection of narrative passages sharing the characteristic that ...

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