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  • da Cunha Fanego, Iria; Fernández, Silvia; Velázquez Morales, Patricia; Vivaldi, J. (Jorge), 1952-; SanJuan, Eric; Torres Moreno, Juan Manuel (Springer, 2007)
    In this article we present a hybrid approach for automatic summarization of Spanish medical texts. There are a lot of systems for automatic summarization using statistics or linguistics, but only a few of them combining ...
  • Marimon, Montserrat; Vivaldi, J. (Jorge), 1952-; Bel Rafecas, Núria (ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics), 2017)
    This paper presents the IULA Spanish Clinical Record Corpus, a corpus of 3,194 sentences extracted from anonymized clinical records and manually annotated with negation markers and their scope. The corpus was conceived as ...
  • Arias Badia, Blanca; Bel Rafecas, Núria; Fomicheva, Marina; Larrea Mendizabal, Imanol; Lorente, Mercè; Marimon, Montserrat; Milà-Garcia, Alba; Vivaldi, J. (Jorge), 1952-; Padró, Muntsa (ELRA (European Language Resources Association), 2014)
    We present the results of the experiment of bootstrapping a Treebank for Catalan by using a Dependency Parser trained with Spanish sentences. In order to save time and cost, our approach was to profit from the typological ...
  • Arias Badia, Blanca; Bel Rafecas, Núria; Fisas Elizalde, Beatriz; Lorente, Mercè; Marimon, Montserrat; Marimon, Montserrat; Morell, Carlos; Vázquez, Silvia; Vivaldi, J. (Jorge), 1952- (ELRA (European Language Resources Association), 2014)
    This paper presents the IULA Spanish LSP Treebank, a dependency treebank of over 41,000 sentences of different domains (Law, Economy, Computing Science, Environment, and Medicine), developed in the framework of the European ...
  • Marimon, Montserrat; Fisas Elizalde, Beatriz; Bel Rafecas, Núria; Arias Badia, Blanca; Vázquez, Silvia; Vivaldi, J. (Jorge), 1952-; Villegas, Marta; Lorente Casafont, Mercè (ELRA (European Language Resources Association), 2012)
    This paper describes on-going work for the construction of a new treebank for Spanish, The IULA Treebank. This new resource will contain about 60,000 richly annotated sentences as an extension of the already existing IULA ...

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