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  • Muhammad, Khalid; Xavier, Delicia; Klein-Hessling, Stefan; Azeem, Muhammad; Rauschenberger, Tabea; Murti, Krisna; Avots, Andris; Goebeler, Matthias; Klein, Matthias; Bopp, Tobias; Sielaff, Malte; Tenzer, Stefan; Möckel, Sigrid; Aramburu, José (Aramburu Beltrán); López Rodríguez, M. Cristina; Kerstan, Andreas; Serfling, Edgar (Frontiers, 2021)
    The skin protects the human body against dehydration and harmful challenges. Keratinocytes (KCs) are the most abundant epidermal cells, and it is anticipated that KC-mediated transport of Na+ ions creates a physiological ...