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  • Weng, Zhiping; Guigó Serra, Roderic (BioMed Central, 2008)
    A report of the 6th Georgia Tech-Oak Ridge National Lab International Conference on Bioinformatics 'In silico Biology: Gene Discovery and Systems Genomics', Atlanta, USA, 15-17 November, 2007.
  • Dong, Xianjun; Greven, Melissa C.; Kundaje, Anshul; Djebali, Sarah; Brown, James B.; Cheng, Chao; Gingeras, Thomas R.; Gerstein, Mark B.; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Birney, Ewan; Weng, Zhiping (BioMed Central, 2012)
    BACKGROUND: Previous work has demonstrated that chromatin feature levels correlate with gene expression. The ENCODE project enables us to further explore this relationship using an unprecedented volume of data. Expression ...
  • Cheng, Chao; Alexander, Roger; Min, Renqiang; Leng, Jing; Yip, Kevin Y.; Rozowsky, Joel S.; Yan, Koon-Kiu; Dong, Xianjun; Djebali, Sarah; Ruan, Yijun; Davis, Carrie A.; Carninci, Piero; Lassmann, Timo; Gingeras, Thomas R.; Guigó Serra, Roderic; Birney, Ewan; Weng, Zhiping; Snyder, Michael; Gerstein, Mark B. (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press (CSHL Press), 2012)
    Statistical models have been used to quantify the relationship between gene expression and transcription factor (TF) binding signals. Here we apply the models to the large-scale data generated by the ENCODE project to study ...