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  • Stevner, Angus B. A.; Vidaurre, Diego; Cabral, Joana; Rapuano, Kristina M.; Nielsen, Søren Føns Vind; Tagliazucchi, Enzo; Laufs, Helmut; Vuust, Peter; Deco, Gustavo; Woolrich, Mark W.; van Someren, Eus; Kringelbach, Morten L. (Nature Research, 2019)
    The modern understanding of sleep is based on the classification of sleep into stages defined by their electroencephalography (EEG) signatures, but the underlying brain dynamics remain unclear. Here we aimed to move ...
  • Bonetti, Leonardo; Brattico, Elvira; Carlomagno, Francesco; Donati, Giovanni; Cabral, Jose; Haumann, Niels Trusbak; Deco, Gustavo; Vuust, Peter; Kringelbach, Morten L. (Elsevier, 2021)
    Information encoding has received a wide neuroscientific attention, but the underlying rapid spatiotemporal brain dynamics remain largely unknown. Here, we investigated the rapid brain mechanisms for encoding of sounds ...
  • Deco, Gustavo; Sanz Perl, Yonatan; Vuust, Peter; Tagliazucchi, Enzo; Kennedy, Henry (Elsevier, 2021)
    What are the key topological features of connectivity critically relevant for generating the dynamics underlying efficient cortical function? A candidate feature that has recently emerged is that the connectivity of the ...
  • Vohryzek, Jakub; Cabral, Joana; Vuust, Peter; Deco, Gustavo; Kringelbach, Morten L. (Royal Society, 2022)
    In order to survive in a complex environment, the human brain relies on the ability to flexibly adapt ongoing behaviour according to intrinsic and extrinsic signals. This capability has been linked to specific whole-brain ...

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