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  • Martin, Laura; Vicario, Chiara; Castells García, Àlvaro, 1991-; Lakadamyali, Melike; Neguembor, Maria Victoria; Cosma, Maria Pia (Elsevier, 2021)
    Here, we describe three complementary microscopy-based approaches to quantify morphological changes of chromatin organization in cultured adherent cells: the analysis of the coefficient of variation of DNA, the measurement ...
  • Castells García, Àlvaro, 1991-; Ed-Daoui, Ilyas; González-Almela, Esther; Vicario, Chiara; Ottestrom, Jason; Lakadamyali, Melike; Neguembor, Maria Victoria; Cosma, Maria Pia (Oxford University Press, 2022)
    Transcription and genome architecture are interdependent, but it is still unclear how nucleosomes in the chromatin fiber interact with nascent RNA, and which is the relative nuclear distribution of these RNAs and elongating ...
  • Otterstrom, Jason; Castells García, Àlvaro, 1991-; Vicario, Chiara; Gómez García, Pablo; Cosma, Maria Pia, 1970-; Lakadamyali, Melike (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    Chromatin organization is crucial for regulating gene expression. Previously, we showed that nucleosomes form groups, termed clutches. Clutch size correlated with the pluripotency grade of mouse embryonic stem cells and ...
  • Neguembor, Maria Victoria; Martin, Laura; Castells García, Àlvaro, 1991-; Gómez García, Pablo; Vicario, Chiara; Carnevali, Davide; Abed, Jumana AlHaj; Granados, Alba; Sebastián Pérez, Rubén; Sottile, Francesco, 1988-; Solon, Jérôme; Wu, Chao-Ting; Lakadamyali, Melike; Cosma, Maria Pia, 1970- (Elsevier, 2021)
    The chromatin fiber folds into loops, but the mechanisms controlling loop extrusion are still poorly understood. Using super-resolution microscopy, we visualize that loops in intact nuclei are formed by a scaffold of cohesin ...

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