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  • Pérez Carrillo, Alfonso Antonio, 1977-; Bonada, Jordi, 1973-; Pätynen, Jukka; Välimäki, Vesa (National Research Council Canada Research Press, 2011)
    This work presents a method for measuring and computing violin-body directional frequency responses, which are used for violin sound synthesis. The approach is based on a frame-weighted deconvolution of excitation and ...
  • Camurri, Antonio; Volpe, Gualtiero; Vinet, Hugues; Bresin, Roberto; Fabiani, Marco; Dubus, Gaël; Maestre Gómez, Esteban; Llop, Jordi; Kleimola, Jari; Oksanen, Sami; Välimäki, Vesa; Seppanen, Jarno (Springer, 2010)
    This paper surveys a collection of sample applications for networked user-centric context-aware embodied music listening. The applications have been designed and developed in the framework of the EU-ICT Project SAME ...

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