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  • Marcon, Luciano, 1983-; Arqués, Carlos G.; Torres, Miguel S.; Sharpe, James (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2011)
    A comprehensive spatio-temporal description of the tissue movements underlying organogenesis would be an extremely useful resource to developmental biology. Clonal analysis and fate mappings are popular experiments to study ...
  • Jiménez Guri, Eva; Udina, Frederic; Colas, Jean-François; Sharpe, James; Padrón Barthe, Laura; Torres, Miguel S.; Pujades Corbi, Cristina (Public Library of Science (PLoS), 2010)
    Background: Boundaries that prevent cell movement allow groups of cells to maintain their identity and follow independent developmental trajectories without the need for ongoing instructive signals from surrounding tissues. ...
  • Durán Alonso, Beatriz; Vendrell, Víctor; López Hernández, Iris; Alonso Pérez, María Teresa; Martin, Donna M.; Giráldez, Fernando; Carramolino, Laura; Giovinazzo, Giovanna; Vázquez, Enrique; Torres, Miguel S.; Schimmang, Thomas (Frontiers, 2021)
    Meis genes have been shown to control essential processes during development of the central and peripheral nervous system. Here we have explored the roles of the Meis2 gene during vertebrate inner ear induction and the ...

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