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  • Tsarna, Ermioni; Reedijk, Marije; Birks, Laura Ellen, 1983-; Guxens Junyent, Mònica; Ballester Díez, Ferran; Ha, Mina; Jiménez-Zabala, Ana; Kheifets, Leeka; Lertxundi, Aitana; Lim, Hyungryul; Olsen, Jørn; González-Safont, Llúcia; Sudan, Madhuri; Cardis, Elisabeth; Vrijheid, Martine; Vrijkotte, Tanja; Huss, Anke; Vermeulen, Roel (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    Results from studies evaluating potential effects of prenatal exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields from cell phones on birth outcomes have been inconsistent. Using data on 55,507 pregnant women and their ...
  • Birks, Laura Ellen, 1983-; Guxens Junyent, Mònica; Papadopoulou, Eleni, 1985-; Alexander, Jan; Ballester Díez, Ferran; Estarlich, Marisa; Gallastegui, Mara; Ha, Mina; Haugen, Margaretha; Huss, Anke; Kheifets, Leeka; Lim, Hyungryul; Olsen, Jørn; Santa Marina, Loreto; Sudan, Madhuri; Vermeulen, Roel; Vrijkotte, Tanja; Cardis, Elisabeth; Vrijheid, Martine (Elsevier, 2017)
    INTRODUCTION: Previous studies have reported associations between prenatal cell phone use and child behavioral problems, but findings have been inconsistent and based on retrospective assessment of cell phone use. This ...

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