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  • Schirner, Michael; Domide, Lia; Perdikis, Dionysios; Triebkorn, Paul; Stefanovski, Leon; Pai, Roopa; Prodan, Paula; Valean, Bogdan; Palmer, Jessica; Langford, Chloê; Blickensdörfer, André; Vlag, Michiel van der; Diaz-Pier, Sandra; Peyser, Alexander; Klijn, Wouter; Pleiter, Dirk; Nahm, Anne; Schmid, Oliver; Woodman, Marmaduke; Zehl, Lyuba; Fousek, Jan; Petkoski, Spase; Kusch, Lionel; Hashemi, Meysam; Marinazzo, Daniele; Mangin, Jean-François; Flöel, Agnes; Akintoye, Simisola; Stahl, Bernd Carsten; Cepic, Michael; Johnson, Emily; Deco, Gustavo; McIntosh, Anthony R.; Hilgetag, Claus C.; Morgan, Marc; Schuller, Bernd; Upton, Alex; McMurtrie, Colin; Dickscheid, Timo; Bjaalie, Jan G.; Amunts, Katrin; Mersmann, Jochen; Jirsa, Viktor; Ritter, Petra (Elsevier, 2022)
    The Virtual Brain (TVB) is now available as open-source services on the cloud research platform EBRAINS ( It offers software for constructing, simulating and analysing brain network models including the TVB ...
  • Schirner, Michael; Kong, Xiaolu; Yeo, B.T. Thomas; Deco, Gustavo; Ritter, Petra (Elsevier, 2022)
    What dynamic processes underly functional brain networks? Functional connectivity (FC) and functional connectivity dynamics (FCD) are used to represent the patterns and dynamics of functional brain networks. FC(D) is related ...
  • Schirner, Michael; Randal McIntosh, Anthony; Jirsa, Viktor K.; Deco, Gustavo; Ritter, Petra (eLife, 2018)
    The neurophysiological processes underlying non-invasive brain activity measurements are incompletely understood. Here, we developed a connectome-based brain network model that integrates individual structural and functional ...
  • Schirner, Michael; Deco, Gustavo; Ritter, Petra (Nature Research, 2023)
    To better understand how network structure shapes intelligent behavior, we developed a learning algorithm that we used to build personalized brain network models for 650 Human Connectome Project participants. We found that ...

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