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  • Santos-Moreno, Javier; Tasiudi, Eve; Kusumawardhani, Hadiastri; Stelling, Joerg; Schaerli, Yolanda (Nature Research, 2023)
    Genotype networks are sets of genotypes connected by small mutational changes that share the same phenotype. They facilitate evolutionary innovation by enabling the exploration of different neighborhoods in genotype space. ...
  • Schaerli, Yolanda; Jiménez, Alba; Duarte, José M.; Mihajlovic, Ljiljana; Renggli, Julien; Isalan, Mark; Sharpe, James; Wagner, Andreas (Wiley-Blackwell, 2018)
    Phenotypic variation is the raw material of adaptive Darwinian evolution. The phenotypic variation found in organismal development is biased towards certain phenotypes, but the molecular mechanisms behind such biases are ...
  • Baumstark, Rebecca; Hänzelmann, Sonja, 1981-; Tsuru, Saburo; Schaerli, Yolanda; Francesconi, Mirko; Mancuso, Francesco M.; Castelo Valdueza, Robert; Isalan, Mark (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
    What happens to gene expression when you add new links to a gene regulatory network? To answer this question, we profile 85 network rewirings in E. coli. Here we report that concerted patterns of differential expression ...

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