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  • Generoso, Serena Francesca, 1988-; Neguembor, Maria Victoria; Hershberg, Elliot A.; Sadreyev, Ruslan Ilyasovich; Kurimoto, Kazuki; Yabuta, Yukihiro; Ricci, Raffaele; Audergon, Pauline; Bauer, Moritz, 1987-; Saitou, Mitinori; Hochedlinger, Konrad; Beliveau, Brian J.; Cosma, Maria Pia; Lee, Jeannie T.; Payer, Bernhard (National Academy of Sciences, 2023)
    Reactivation of the inactive X chromosome is a hallmark epigenetic event during reprogramming of mouse female somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs). This involves global structural remodeling from a ...
  • Severino, Jacqueline, 1990-; Bauer, Moritz, 1987-; Mattimoe, Tom; Arecco, Niccolò; Cozzuto, Luca; Lorden, Patricia; Hamada, Norio; Nosaka, Yoshiaki; Nagaoka, So I.; Audergon, Pauline; Tarruell Pellegrin, Antonio,1990-; Heyn, Holger; Hayashi, Katsuhiko; Saitou, Mitinori; Payer, Bernhard (EMBO Press, 2022)
    The mammalian germline is characterized by extensive epigenetic reprogramming during its development into functional eggs and sperm. Specifically, the epigenome requires resetting before parental marks can be established ...

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