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  • Sadat Schaffai, Jasmin, 1982-; Martin, Clara D.; Magnuson, James S.; Alario, F.-Xavier (François -Xavier); Costa, Albert, 1970- (Wiley, 2016)
    Bilinguals have been shown to perform worse than monolinguals in a variety of verbal tasks. This study investigated this bilingual verbal cost in a large‐scale picture‐naming study conducted in Spanish. We explored how ...
  • Runnqvist, Elin; Strijkers, Kristof; Sadat Schaffai, Jasmin, 1982-; Costa, Albert, 1970- (Frontiers Media, 2011)
    Despite a large amount of psycholinguistic research devoted to the issue of processing differences between a first and a second language, there is no consensus regarding the locus where these emerge or the mechanism behind ...
  • Sadat Schaffai, Jasmin, 1982-; Martin, Clara D.; Costa, Albert, 1970-; Alario, F.-Xavier (François -Xavier) (Elsevier, 2014)
    A crucial step for understanding how lexical knowledge is represented is to describe the relative similarity of lexical items, and how it influences language processing. Previous studies of the effects of form similarity ...

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