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  • Tóth, Mónika Ditta; Ihionvien, Sarah; Leduc, Caleb; Aust, Birgit; Amann, Benedikt Lorenz; Cresswell-Smith, Johanna; Reich, Hanna; Cully, Grace; Sanches, Sarita; Fanaj, Naim; Qirjako, Gentiana; Tsantila, Fotini; Ross, Victoria; Mathieu, Sharna; Pashoja, Arlinda Cerga; Arensman, Ella; Purebl, György; MENTUPP consortium members (BMJ Publishing Group, 2023)
    Objectives: Increasing access to mental health support is a key factor for treating mental disorders, however, important barriers complicate help-seeking, among them, mental health related stigma being most prominent. We ...

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