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  • Sanjosé Llongueras, Silvia de; Serrano, Beatriz; Tous, Sara; Alejo, María; Lloveras Rubio, Belen; Quirós, Beatriz; Clavero, Omar; Vidal, August; Ferrándiz-Pulido, Carla; Pavón, Miquel Ángel; Holzinger, Dana; Halec, Gordana; Tommasino, Massimo; Quint, Wim; Pawlita, Michael; Muñoz, Nubia; Bosch José, Francesc Xavier, 1947-; Alemany, Laia; RIS Human papillomavirus (HPV) TT study group; Head and Neck study group (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    Background: Many countries, mainly high- and upper-middle income, have implemented human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programs, with 47 million women receiving the full course of vaccine (three doses) in 2014. To ...
  • Alejo, María; Alemany, Laia; Clavero, Omar; Quirós, Beatriz; Vighi, Susana Graciela; Seoud, Muhieddine; Cheng-Yang, Chou; Garland, Suzanne Marie; Juanpere, Nuria; Lloreta Trull, Josep, 1958-; Tous, Sara; Klaustermeier, Jo Ellen; Quint, Wim; Bosch José, Francesc Xavier, 1947-; Sanjosé Llongueras, Silvia de; Lloveras Rubio, Belen; RIS Human papillomavirus (HPV) TT study group (Elsevier, 2018)
    AIMS: Neuroendocrine tumors (NET) of the cervix are rare tumors with a very aggressive course. The human papillomavirus (HPV) has been linked to its etiology. The objective of this study is to describe HPV prevalence and ...
  • Rakislova, Natalia; Alemany, Laia; Clavero, Omar; Saco, Adela; Torné, Aureli; Pino, Marta Del; Munmany, Meritxell; Rodrigo Calvo, Maria Teresa; Guerrero, José; Marimon, Lorena; Vega, Naiara; Quirós, Beatriz; Lloveras Rubio, Belen; Ribera-Cortada, Inmaculada; Alejo, María; Pawlita, Michael; Quint, Wim; Sanjosé Llongueras, Silvia de; Ordi, Jaume; Vvap Study Group (MDPI, 2020)
    Human papillomavirus (HPV)-independent vulvar squamous cell carcinomas (VSCC) and its precursors frequently harbour TP53 mutations. Recently, six p53 immunohistochemical (IHC) patterns have been defined, which have shown ...

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